The "Hudson Valley Net

146.97 mhz MBARC (-600 khz, PL 100) Repeater each evening, 19:30 Eastern (Local) Time

The Hudson Valley Net (HVN), 
proudly serving the Mid-Hudson River Valley for over 35 years!

January 2017 - Completing our 11th full year on the World Wide Web!

Welcome all those interested in the wonderful world of 'traffic handling'!

Thanks to the Mt. Beacon ARC for hosting our web page!

Latest News! 

    • March 2017 Net Statistics page (5 April 2017)

    • Updated the NCS and Alternative NCS Control Station Listings listings (30 January 2017)

    • Finn WB2UWU (our long-time Alternate Control Station Station), sk
      This section also contains a hyperlink to a lovely remembrance of Finn WB2UWU by one of his fellow ham friends in Westchester County

      (30 January 2017)

    • Check out announcement of the next HVN breakfast on April 29, 2017!  (21 January 2017)

  • HVN Net Manager's 2016 Wrap Up (21 January 2017)

  • Mike Shanahan WO2H - new ENY Section Traffic Manager! (3 May 2016)

  • Annual 12th Annual Hudson Valley Net Breakfast pictures! (13 April 2016)

  • Radiogram Form (fillable) - you can print this off if you'd like  (13 April 2016)

  • HF Liaison Needed for NYPON (New York Public Operations Net)!

    To all members of The Hudson Valley Net, I am searching for a traffic handler to liaise between HVN and the
    New York Public Operations Net (NYPON) .‎ (3.925 ). You must have General Class privileges and of course HF capabilities. Please pass this on. Contact me : N2JBA@arrl.netThanks, Ed Rubin, N2JBA Net. Manager, HVN (5 Apr 2015)


Why traffic handling?  In 1914, the founder of the ARRL, Hiram Percy Maxim, needed to find a station one-half way in between his in Hartford, CT and another station he wished to speak to in Springfield, MA because he could not do it with the equipment he had at the time.  Thus, the original purpose of the ARRL (think about what the letters mean - the American Radio Relay League!) was to 'pass traffic' between two amateur radio stations!  Thus, traffic handlers find themselves in the proud position of continuing the fine tradition of message passing (QTC) that the ARRL was originally founded upon many years ago!

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Finn WB2UWU, sk

It is with great sorrow we announce the passing of long time HVN Net member and Alternate Net Control Station Finn Poulsen WB2UWU on 23 January.  Here is the obituary that was published in the Poughkeepsie Journal on Friday, 27 January 2017.

    "Finn O. Poulsen - Wappingers Falls - Finn O. Poulsen, Wappingers Falls, died peacefully at home on January 23. He was 92. Born and married in Copenhagen,             Denmark, the family moved to Chicago in 1953 and to Wappingers Falls in 1964.

    He was an IBM engineer for 34 years, and an avid ham radio operator, WB2UWU. A loving man, he is survived by his wife of 67 years, Lilli, daughter, son, granddaughters, grandson-in-law, and great grandson.

    His body was donated to the Albany Medical College's anatomical gift program. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to New Hackensack Reformed Church, or NYS Trooper Foundation, State of NY Troop K, 3 Airport Park Blvd. Latham, NY 12110."

There was a very nice remembrance article written by Karl N2KZ in the PCARA newsletter the week of 22 January, and we provide the pdf of it via this linkThank you to Karl N2KZ, and PCARA newsletter editor Malcolm NM9J.

This photograph of Finn WB2UWU with his XYL Lilli and harmonic Heidi was taken at our last Hudson Valley NET breakfast last April 2016.  We'll miss Finn on the net.

Latest News - 2016 Wrap Up -and- A Happy New Year for 2017 (21 Jan 2017)

Well, it is now a new year, 2017.   2016 has been a  banner year for the Hudson Valley Net in terms of  uptick in our monthly statistics, the increased number of members and the daily participation by everyone. I will shortly have year-end statistics to share with the membership. Please note that  even though the traffic numbers were down in 2016 compared with 2015, there was an overwhelming increase in new members and overall participation rate of some 25 percent ; look for the exact numbers in the next few weeks.

I would like to announce that the Hudson Valley Net will hold its yearly Breakfast and Business Meeting on Saturday, April 29, 2017 at the Daily Planet Restaurant, at 10 AM  on Route 55 in Poughkeepsie. This will be the 13th year that we will meet; the purpose is to interact with other members and to discuss the operation of the net and to have a good time.  Please let me know (RSVP) by Sunday, April 16th if you plan to attend so I can let the restaurant know how many places to set.

What makes the Hudson Valley Net unique is that there are many dedicated radio amateurs who are willing to spend time away from their busy schedules to support the ham radio community in general and the National Traffic System in particular.

My plan for the future is to be more interactive. I am constantly asked about training and procedures of the net. I would like to have daily short sessions after a net once a week on particular subjects pertaining to protocols and procedures of traffic handling. I will update our progress monthly.

I would like to make an  appeal for more members to participate in daily net sessions  by volunteering as alternate net control stations and to take  traffic that has been listed.  If you are unsure about how to deliver a piece of traffic, there is always some on the net who can help you. Just ask.

Finally, I would like to recognize Andrew, W2BOS for his many roles on the net including upkeep and management of the HVN website as well as the HVN reflector.
Finn, WB2UWU, has taken on the role of alternate net control for many years; a job well done.

A special thanks to our many Net Control Stations (NCS) who play a major part in the smooth operation of the net:

I would also like to give a shout-out to those stations for their roles as alternate NCS stations:

Please let me know if I missed anyone in these two lists above so I can add the changes.

I would also like to list the many other participants who check into the net on a daily basis. A list is being prepared.

73 and Happy New Year!
Ed Rubin, N2JBA
Net Manager

ENY NTS Monthly Activity Pages now owned by W2BOS for updates (2 July 2016)

You know that at the end of each month, it is very helpful for the NTS for individual stations to provide the Section Traffic Manager Mike WO2H with an update of their activity during the month.  That is called the 'Station Activity Report', or "SAR".  It is a simple radiogram that lists how many pieces of traffic you originated, sent, received, and delivered, along with the total of those for numbers.  

If you'd like to learn how to send this each month, and I hope you do, let me know!  In the meantime, check out the activity statistics page on our Section Level page that I now maintain  @ (click on "NTS" on left nav bar, then "ENY Monthly Traffic Reports" in the middle) with the latest monthly stats for the current month, as well as historical months that will be added shortly. 

73 de Andrew, W2BOS

Net Control Stations (NCSs):

Day Call

Andrew W2BOS (now doing ALL Mondays)

TUESDAY     (unassigned)
WEDNESDAY   Keith K2UNI (swapped w/KC2WRC)
THURSDAY   Walt KC2WRC (swapped w/K2UNI)
SATURDAY     Ed N2JBA (Net Manager)

Alternative NCS(s)

Cyril KD2HMH

(Last Updated 31 January 2017)

The ENY/HVN Team:

  • Pete, N2YJZ
    ARRL Eastern New York Section Manager (SM/ENY)

  • Mike, WO2H (effective 1 May 2016, taking over from Tom, WE2G)
    ARRL Eastern New York Section Traffic Manager (STM/ENY)

  • Ed, N2JBA
    Net Manager, Hudson Valley Net (NM/HVN)

  • Andrew, W2BOS,
    Webmaster, Hudson Valley Net

Monthly Net Statistics (current and last years)

Current 2017 and last years 2016's activity Statistics of HVN as reported to NTS officials.
Previous years (2007-2015) data are also kept on the site as well.


Month QNI (Checkins) QTC (Listed) QSP (Passed) QND


January 499 50 38 425 31
February 453 35 30 518 28
March 540 37 35 469 31
2017 Totals (through February):











Month QNI (Checkins) QTC (Listed) QSP (Passed) QND


January 462 45 43 503 31
February 411 42 42 434 29
March 435 47 45 485 31
April 482 45  45 495 30
May 539 41 40 499 31
June 438 82 80 565 30
July 417 40 38 450 31
August 454 43 36 447 31
September 472 40 38 454 30





November 457 36 35 433 30
December 501 45 45 433 31 
2016 Totals: 5509 545 524 5623 335


The following are stations that are officially designated 'liaisons' between HVN and the listed NET or geographic areas or ARES/RACES nets or groups, as appropriate.  

The Eastern NY NTS website contains a list of all the Eastern NY NTS nets including times, frequencies, net managers, website links and so on. 


The Hudson Valley Net is always looking for a few good traffic handlers to act as liaison stations to HF nets (NYPON) or HF CW nets Also needed are people to liaise with the Southern District Net and the Capital District Net., local VHF nets. The Hudson Valley net meets daily at 7:30 PM on the Mt Beacon ARC repeater, 146.970 (+) with a 100 Hz PL.

Please contact me if you would be able to assist us...
73, Ed N2JBA (12 September 2012)

The following are the list of NETs which we have liaison assignments for.  The ENY section-wide list of nets may be obtained on the ENY Section Manager webpage.

Net Name Liaison and Callsign
Amateur Radio Telegraph Society (ARTS) (open) 
Big Apple  (open) 
Capitol District Traffic Net (CDTN) Tom WE2G, Bill KC2EEF


Dutchess County ARES / Dutchess County RACES Adam KC2DAA
Empire State Slow Speed (ESS) Scott W2NTV 
National Traffic System Digital (NTS-D) (open)
NY Public Operations Net (NYPON) Ed N2JBA; Tom WE2G; Mark WM2C, Scott W2NTV 
NY State (NYS) Tom WE2G, Scott W2NTV 
NY State Phone, Traffic, and Emergency Net (NYSPTEN) Stu WA2BSS, Scott W2NTV 
Orange Country ARES/RACES (OCAR) Mark WM2C
Orange/Rockland (open)
Putnam County ARES/RACES (open)
Rockland County (open)
Southern Catskill Amateur Radio Society (SCARS) Vince N2VC
Southern District Net (SDN) Mark WM2C; Stu WA2BSS; Andrew W2BOS 
Ulster County Bill KB2RGA
Ulster County ARES/RACES Keith K2UNI
Westchester County ORS (open)

Join the Eastern NY NTS Traffic Handlers Web Reflector!

Our former ENY Section Traffic Manager Nick N2QZ has created a local NTS reflector - anyone wishing to subscribe can simply do so by pointing your browser to then click on the "Join This Group!" button and follow the instructions! 

Net Control Station Reference Information


Calling the Hudson Valley Net, calling the Hudson Valley Net, This is (station call) calling this session of the Hudson Valley Net.

The Hudson Valley Net is a local net of the ARRL National Traffic System and meets each evening at 19:30 hours local time to pass formal written traffic into, out of and throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley area. 
This is a directed net and all communication will be directed through Net Control for the duration of the net. 
All stations are invited to participate; when checking into the net, call this station (your call), drop your carrier to check for doubling, then after the courtesy tone , please indicate your call sign and your call sign only; give specific information when instructed.                
Is there a station wishing to act as Alternate Net Control, this evening?; If so please call (your call).
The first callup is for stations with formal written traffic. Traffic only; traffic stations for the Hudson Valley Net , Please call (your call).
The next call-up is for liaison stations and stations with net announcements.
(Please note that announcements will be made directly after the net has been secured.  Also please keep in mind that on Monday evenings the Mount Beacon ARC meeting on the air begins at 8 PM. On alternate Thursdays the Satcom net begins at 8 PM directly after HVN has ended.)

The third callup is a general callup for all stations with or without traffic or any other business for the net. (Repeat call-ups as needed).

(revised 11/6/2011)

Post amble:

This has been a regular session of the Hudson Valley Net which meets every evening at 19:30 hours on the KC2DAA, 146.970 Repeater. 

I would like to thank (ANCS callsign) for acting as alternate net control. 

I would also like to thank those stations who handled traffic, those who checked in and those who stood by while the net was in session.

I would especially like to thank the Mt. Beacon Amateur Radio Club for the use of all their repeaters. 

Please stand by for the timer change  (reset the repeater timer).

This is (your callsign) closing the Hudson Valley Net at (local time) and returning the repeater to regular amateur use. (your call) out.

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If you have any questions (or constructive comments or suggestions!)  please contact our Net Manager Ed on the air or at or the Web Page owner Andrew

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