Hudson Valley Net (HVN) 

146.97 mhz MBARC (-600 khz, PL 100) Repeater each evening, 19:30 Eastern (Local) Time

Serving the Mid-Hudson River Valley

Welcome all those interested in the wonderful world of 'traffic handling'!

Thanks to the Mt. Beacon ARC for hosting our web page!

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Why traffic handling?  In 1914, the founder of the ARRL, Hiram Percy Maxim, needed to find a station one-half way in between his in Hartford, CT and another station he wished to speak to in Springfield, MA because he could not do it with the equipment he had at the time.  Thus, the original purpose of the ARRL (think about what the letters mean - the American Radio Relay League!) was to 'pass traffic' between two amateur radio stations!  Thus, traffic handlers find themselves in the proud position of continuing the fine tradition of message passing (QTC) that the ARRL was originally founded upon many years ago!

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Latest News 

Out of the Doldrums and Into the Good Stuff

March 1, 2014  Amenia, NY

To all the frazzled traffic handlers and Hudson Valley Net members.We are already heading  toward the Spring season and can the warm(er) weather be far behind ?  Of course. First of all  I would like to thank all of the many stations who check in on a regular basis and participate. That's what makes this net work. We have increased the total number of check-ins as well as the number of messages listed and passed. There has also been a substantial number of both the newly licensed joining  us as well as those who have been licensed for many years and have discovered the value of this public service.

This year, as in the past 8 years, the net will host it's 9th Annual  Hudson Valley Net Annual Breakfast and Business Meeting. This is a popular event where all the net members and guests have a chance to "meet and greet" and exchange ideas. This is an informational session, the food is good and everyone has a good time.The breakfast  will be held on Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 10 AM at the Daily Planet Restaurant in LaGrangeville, NY.  Please point your browsers to HVNET.ORG for access to the Hudson Valley Net  web page and for updates on the breakfast..

I would like to see more stations volunteer for net control duties and for alternate net controls. Finn, WB2UWU has been volunteering for alternate net control quite often; Thanks to Finn. I would also like to recognize Andrew, W2BOS, for his daily attention to updating and maintaining the HVNET.ORG Hudson Valley Net web page.

That's all for now, "See you on the net"

Ed Rubin, N2JBA
Net Manager

Net Control Stations (NCS):

Day Call Name
MONDAY N2YJZ Pete      
TUESDAY     W2BOS Andrew
SUNDAY    (open; contact Ed N2JBA if interested) (open; contact Ed N2JBA if interested)

Backup NCSs

KC2LIX & KC2WRC Bill & Walt
Frequent Alternative NCS's (ANCS) WB2UWU Finn

The ENY/HVN Team:

  • Pete, N2YJZ
    ARRL Section Manager, Eastern New York (SM/ENY)

  • Tom, WE2G
    Section Traffic Manager, Eastern New York (STM/ENY)

  • Ed, N2JBA
    Net Manager, Hudson Valley Net (NM/HVN)

Monthly Net Statistics

Activity Statistics of HVN as reported to NTS officials.
We have the current and last year's data for your viewing pleasure.
Previous years (2007-2012) data are also kept on the site as well.


Month QNI (Checkins) QTC (Listed) QSP (Passed) QND


January 375 73 69 521 31
February 393 66 57 554 28
March 405 71 62 524 31
April 340 47 45 553 30
May 412 54 53 527 31
June 339 100 94 462 31 (extra net session held on Field Day Weekend, 28 June)
July 340 53 48 411 31


Month QNI (Checkins) QTC (Listed) QSP (Passed) QND


January 328 80 75 627 31
February 314 60 55 538 28
March 352  66 65 554 31
April 315 69 61 567 30
May 322 67 62 592 31
June 350 77 72  623 30
July 349 84 72  522 31
August 408 60 51  530 31
September 439 72 63  551 30
October 439  66 62 582 31
November 405 62 59 530 30
December 411 60 57 538 31


Liaisons (most recent updates in RED)

The following are stations that are officially designated 'liaisons' between HVN and the listed NET or geographic areas or ARES/RACES nets or groups, as appropriate.  

The Eastern NY NTS website contains a list of all the Eastern NY NTS nets including times, frequencies, net managers, website links and so on. 

The Hudson Valley Net is currently looking for a few good traffic handlers
to act as liaison stations to HF nets (NYPON) or HF CW nets  Also needed  are  people  to liaise with the Southern District Net and the Capital District Net., local VHF nets. The Hudson Valley net meets daily at 7:30 PM on the Mt Beacon ARC repeater, 146.970 (+) with a 100 Hz PL.

Please contact me if you would be able to assist us...

Ed Rubin, N2JBA, HVN Net Manager
(21 September 2012)

Net Name Liaison and Callsign
Amateur Radio Telegraph Society (ARTS) (open) 
Big Apple  (open) 
Capitol District Traffic Net (CDTN) Tom WE2G, Bill KC2EEF


Dutchess County ARES / Dutchess County RACES Adam KC2DAA
Empire State Slow Speed (ESS) Scott W2NTV 
National Traffic System Digital (NTS-D) (open)
NY Public Operations Net (NYPON) Pete N2YJZ; Ed N2JBA; Tom WE2G; Mark WM2C, Scott W2NTV 
NY State (NYS) Tom WE2G, Scott W2NTV 
NY State Phone, Traffic, and Emergency Net (NYSPTEN) Stu WA2BSS, Scott W2NTV 
Orange Country ARES/RACES (OCAR) Mark WM2C
Orange/Rockland (open)
Putnam County ARES/RACES (open)
Rockland County (open)
Southern Catskill Amateur Radio Society (SCARS) Vince N2VC
Southern District Net (SDN) Mark WM2C; Scott W2NTV  
Ulster County Bill KB2RGA
Ulster County ARES/RACES Keith K2UNI
Westchester County ORS (open)

Join the Eastern NY NTS Traffic Handlers Web Reflector!

Our former ENY Section Traffic Manager Nick N2QZ has created a local NTS reflector - anyone wishing to subscribe can simply do so by pointing your browser to then click on the "Join This Group!" button and follow the instructions! 

Net Control Station Reference Information


Calling the Hudson Valley Net, calling the Hudson Valley Net, This is (station call) calling this session of the Hudson Valley Net.

The Hudson Valley Net is a local net of the ARRL National Traffic System and meets each evening at 19:30 hours local time to pass formal written traffic into, out of and throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley area. 
This is a directed net and all communication will be directed through Net Control for the duration of the net. 
All stations are invited to participate; when checking into the net, call this station (your call), drop your carrier to check for doubling, then after the courtesy tone , please indicate your call sign and your call sign only; give specific information when instructed.                
Is there a station wishing to act as Alternate Net Control, this evening?; If so please call (your call).
The first callup is for stations with formal written traffic. Traffic only; traffic stations for the Hudson Valley Net , Please call (your call).
The next call-up is for liaison stations and stations with net announcements.
(Please note that announcements will be made directly after the net has been secured.  Also please keep in mind that on Monday evenings the Mount Beacon ARC meeting on the air begins at 8 PM. On alternate Thursdays the Satcom net begins at 8 PM directly after HVN has ended.)

The third callup is a general callup for all stations with or without traffic or any other business for the net. (Repeat call-ups as needed).

(revised 11/6/2011)

Post amble:

This has been a regular session of the Hudson Valley Net which meets every evening at 19:30 hours on the KC2DAA, 146.970 Repeater. 

I would like to thank (ANCS callsign) for acting as alternate net control. 

I would also like to thank those stations who handled traffic, those who checked in and those who stood by while the net was in session.

I would especially like to thank the Mt. Beacon Amateur Radio Club for the use of all their repeaters. 

Please stand by for the timer change  (reset the repeater timer).

This is (your callsign) closing the Hudson Valley Net at (local time) and returning the repeater to regular amateur use. (your call) out.

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