Photos from our February 2008 breakfast!

Ed (Closest to the camera in blue shirt)) and the gang from Ed's left (Ed N2JBA , Tom KC2DTQ, Joe K2AVV, Janet KC2LUR, Lili, Finn WB2UWU, Pete N2YJZ, Heidi (left to right)

View of the table from the other end


Former Section Traffic Manager Nick N2QZ (standing); Scott KC2NTV on the far right, Megan KC2RZC (in red), and N2QZ/KC2RZC "harmonics"

Ed N2JBA reading an award with Tom KC2DTQ on his left

Tom KC2DTQ, Joe K2AVV and Janet KC2LUR

Andrew W2BOS (ex-N2FTR) with sweatshirt on far right, Megan KC2RZC on left

Overall view of the table left to right, clockwise: Ed N2JBA, Janet KC2LUR, Joe K2AVV, Lili, Finn WB2UWU, Peter N2YJZ, Heidi, and Andrew W2BOS (ex-N2FTR)


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