Photos from our March 2010 breakfast!

The Hudson Valley NET had it's 6th annual breakfast/business meeting in Hyde Park at the Eveready Diner on Saturday, 20 March 2010.  We thank Ed N2JBA (Net Manager who also pulled the breakfast together)

left to right - Clockwise from the back, Lilli (in pink, XYL of Finn, WB2UWU), Finn WB2UWU, Pete N2YJZ, Dave N9UQ, Stu WA2BSS, Frank WN2Y.

Now circling around to the front row, right to left (continuing clockwise) Tom WE2G, Adam KC2DAA, a sliver of Bill KB2RGA, and Janet KC2LUR  Heidi (XYL of Pete, N2YJZ is missing in this picture).


left to right - starting at lower left, Tom WE2G, Adam KC2DAA, Mark WM2C, Bill KB2RGA, Janet KC2LUR, Lilli (somewhat hidden, XYL of Finn, WB2UWU), Finn WB2UWU (also somewhat hidden), Dave N9UQ, and Frank WN2Y.


Left to Right - Adam KC2DAA, Ed N2JBA, Mark WM2C, and Bill KB2RGA.

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